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The Beginner’s Mind

The Beginner’s Mind

Even for people adept at the art of methodless meditation, ‘the beginner’s mind’ can have the connotation of someone just learning how to meditate, a novice. It can imply someone who is just starting out on the spiritual path. But that isn’t what it means at all. Click to Get Your Free Guide to Shipping & Costa

Memory and the Ecstasy of the Present

Five horses, led by a woman with small boy sitting behind her, his pony tethered to her horse, traipse by on the narrow path. Each of the other horses has one or two children in the saddle. One little boy follows behind, carrying a rope and comically calling to the others to wait for him.

A Million Earths

It’s the third day of a new year, in the as yet to be determined lucky or unlucky number 2013. I’m not getting any traction, so I decide to sit in the sun with a neighbor’s white cat and enjoy the mid-afternoon warmth. The air is chilly for California, even in January, but shirtsleeves suffice

You Can’t Create Your Own Reality

I’m struck by how many people these days believe they can create their own reality, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It’s become a national pastime in narcissistic America, and the results are in—the cultural reality has become unbearable to anyone who still has the eyes to see and heart to feel. Tweet

Psychiatrist, Heal Thyself

Psychology, as a discipline and as a healing profession, has become a grab bag of inchoate and often incoherent theories, philosophies, and treatments. It is fair and necessary to ask: Is the psychological industry doing more harm than good? Tweet

An Exploration of Death

It’s a clear fall morning in the parkland, and the sun is at 45 degrees over a huge, twin-trunked sycamore on the other side of the stream. Large, heart-shaped leaves of a vine tree that overhangs the creek are backlit, and appear almost translucent. Tweet

What Does It Mean to Be a Human Being?

Humans have a primal need to belong to particular groups, and for the vast majority of people, that is the basis of their identity. But in places as far-flung as America and Tanzania, identification with nations, religions, or ethnic groups has become a dead end, and the source of increasing division and conflict. Tweet

Elephants Are the Canaries in the Mine

In the science fiction classic “2001, A Space Odyssey,” HAL, the all too human-like computer, malfunctions and becomes evil. As the sole surviving astronaut is deleting him, it begs for the life of its higher functions. It’s a metaphor for the growing destructiveness of man and the dreaded death of the ego. Tweet

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