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Advertising with The Costa Rican Times

The Costa Rican Times/Overseas Radio Network

CostaRicanTimes.com is an acclaimed news site with outstanding coverage of the events and people that are shaping Costa Rica and the surrounding region. Our coverage offers a fresh in-depth perspective on how Costa Rica fits in to the changing global picture that affects us all today more than ever. The Costa Rica News uses the power and freedom of the Web, along with traditional journalistic values, to let experienced reporters create a rich multimedia site that readers find fascinating and entertaining. It connects the Costa Rica readers to the world in a fresh new way.

We differ from most of the other media outlets in Costa Rica as a majority of our readers are outside the country and are those people in search of real estate information, travel news, and business opportunities. In most cases these are the people that have disposable income and are your target market.

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Advertising Opportunities

CostaRicanTimes.com is emerging as a leader in on-line advertising with innovative ways to give your brand exposure to and interaction with our growing audience of affluent international readership. What you will get with The Costa Rican Times is an on-line publication that is next generation. Using the latest in web technology, our goal for advertising is to drive traffic to our advertisers and promote their businesses from a third party angle.

Here’s How: Traditional banners, micro-site hosted content, rich media content, custom featured articles

We possess the unique ability to provide more than traditional advertising through the use of news articles. These articles provide the distinct advantage of being indexed by the major search engines for sponsor supplied key words and remain a persistent source of traffic generation.

Who Reads The Costa Rican Times?

Our readership is on pace to have 2,000,000 readers in 2014. Readers are 80% unique new users and 20% returning users.

Web Site Statistics: (Through December 2013)

Average Daily Hits:  5,000 Projected for End of 2014 –8,000

Average Monthly Hits:  150,000 Projected for End of 2014– 240,000

Average Monthly Page Views:  300,000 Projected for End of 2014 – 525,000

Average Yearly Page Views:  3,600,000 Projected for End of 2014 – 6,300,000

(See Demographic Breakdown Below)

Gender:                                                                                 Age Range:

Male:                       65%                                                        21 and Under:      10%

Female:                  35%                                                        21 to 35:                 29%

Other:                     0%                                                           35 and Over:        61%

Income:                                                                                 Location:

Over $100k:           32%                                                     US & Canada:        75%

$50 to $100k:       47%                                                     Costa Rica:            15%

Under $50,000:  21%                                                      Other:                      10%

Advertising Costs through December 2014 – (Subject to Change as Readership Increases)

Homepage Banner – A banner (300 by 250 pixels) – Average clicks per day is 7 to 10 – $200 a month
Inner Newspaper Large Banner – A banner (300 by 250 pixels) – Average clicks per day is 5 to 8 – $150 a month
Inner Newspaper Small Banner – A banner (200 by 200 pixels) – Average clicks per day is 5 to 8 – $150 a month

Discounts Offered

Sign up for 3 to 5 Months – 10% off
Sign up for 6 to 11 Months – 15% off
Sign up for 12 months or longer – 20% off

Overseas Radio Network is an online radio network created for anyone interested in life abroad – from the expert traveler or investor, to students of life and liberty, from the would-be expat just waiting to take that next step, to those who have already embarked on their new life overseas. Our panel of experts includes many of the top authorities in the international living and expat industry. They cover topics such as global asset protection, offshore banking and brokerage accounts, medical tourism, real estate opportunities, legal residency, second citizenship, and expatriation.