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Update on Intel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – We were all shocked when Intel announced they’d be closing the manufacturing plant in Costa Rica. There’s a little piece of good news in this story, and that is that 95% of the staff who lost jobs already had at least one offer for a new job.

intel costa rica 1Intel cut 20% of production between June and July and will be closed down entirely by December. They were able to relocate part of their staff. Of the 1,500 workers at the plant, 200 were hired for other jobs at Intel Costa Rica, and 80 were transferred to Intel in other countries. 230 have been dismissed so far.

Intel has an online platform in which workers can post their resumes. 95 companies can see them and recruit the talent. Intel also plan to open one mega lab in Costa Rica where they can test the products that are under development.

Some 350 people will find employment there, including 100 new hires, technicians and engineers.

Intel is currently considering what to do with all of the equipment from the plant that is to close.

Some of it may be able to be used for other purposes within the company, while other pieces may be donated to educational facilities.


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