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Salary Increase Approved for Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – For all those working in the private sector in the land of “Pura Vida”, you might be getting a raise.  But do not get too excited yet; Wait until you hear the increase.

salary increase costa rica 1Costa Rica’s National Wages Council (“Consejo Nacional de Salarios”) approved a 0.5% increase to the minimum wage for all private sector employees, except for domestic workers whose salaries will be increased by 2%.  This salary increase will be effective on July 1, 2016.

Private sector employers are mandated to increase the wages only for employees whose salary is at the minimum wage level. For all other employees, any salary adjustment is voluntary.

Once the increase is published on the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security will publish the list of minimum wages per occupation on its official page, here, where previous lists of minimum wages remain available.

So for all those wondering what this means, take a look at the minimum wage scale for certain jobs in Costa Rica.

The average salary is about $800 a month.  So that is going to increase to $804 a month. I am sure that Recope will see these wage increase as a reason to increase gasoline prices and your extra $4 will be gone.

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