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Not Even Snow Can Shut Down Costa Rica for the Holidays (Audio)

This Week in Costa Rica will feature each week a news portion in which Dan and Rico (qCostaRica) will talk about the happenings in and around the land of “Pura Vida”. With over 30 years of living in Costa Rica between the two it give a unique insight into life in CR.

After a brief talk about their weekends and things to do in San Jose, Costa Rica , Rico from QCostaRica and Dan address various topics going on in christmas in costa ricaand around Costa Rica:

1. Strike Threatens to Shut Down Costa Rica
2. BCR Manager Getting Paid Over $19,000 a Month to Stay Home
3. BCR Drops Over 250 Jobs
4. Businesses That Avoid Taxes in Costa Rica
5. Man Video’ing Up Women’s Skirts Avoids Blame
6. Cuba Dave Has His Day in Court
7. Dog Poop Fine in Costa Rica
8. Snow in Costa Rica This Christmas

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