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Costa Rica INS will Auction Household Appliances for Public Friday December 14th

Costa Rica News – Hmmmmm???? A government entity offering to auction off household appliances for the public.  I wonder what their take is on the sales or how they are going to pocket money on this.  I am sorry but the Costa Rica government does not do anything unless it get something from it, usually financially. 

The National Insurance Institute (INS) announced an auction of appliances in good condition on Friday December 14th, at 9 am, in the auditorium of INS, which is on the first floor of the headquarters in San Jose.

The lot for auction includes gas and electric cookers, mixers, washing machines, printers, refrigerators, home theaters, freezers and freeers vertical and horizontal, INS said in a statement.

Inspection of appliances has been done since the last Friday in July and will continue until Thursday December 13th, from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm INS stockroom, located in San Lorenzo de Desamparados, Fatima’s Pali 800 meters west, opposite the Technical College.

Applicants must present the day of the auction their identity card or passport that is current, and a certification that the appliances are current in the payment of all taxes.

Conditions are available on the website of the INS .

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