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Costa Rica Club Soccer President Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Costa Rica News – I guess when you are a soccer president in Costa Rica a blind eye can be turned to your actions and life.  

Edwin López Vega cahuitaEdwin López Vega, the president of the soccer team in Cahuita, had become a popular man in recent years.

Though he spent seven years in jail and had no formal employment, he somehow was successful in opening liquor stores, shops, restaurants and owning luxury boats.

Because of his criminal background (possession of 200 kilos of marijuana) and his assets disproportionate to any known income, the OIJ was tracking him. They arrested him near the local airport when he was leading two cars that carried a total of 363 kilos of cocaine.

The drivers were Léster Arrieta Villegas and Denis Vindas Quirós. Vega was sentenced to 17 years in prison for drug trafficking, while the other two men were sentenced to 11 and 12.5 years.

Although Vega’s car wasn’t found to have any drugs it was clear by other evidence, such as tracking and wiretapping, that he was trafficking drugs and on this instance was in the front car to alert the others of any police checkpoints.

Perhaps his team did not have enough wins this year to allow him to get away with his criminal activities anymore.


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