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AyA’s Water Rates up 25% on Average

Rates for users of the Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) will rise on average by 25%. 

The adjustment was approved by the Regulatory Authority of Public Services and released a statement this afternoon. Also the sewer fees will increase on average by 77%.

“A family that consumes 20m3 per month, will pay ¢ 5,868 more for the service of water supply and sewerage (pass ¢ ¢ 7 757 13 625). Sewage is the recipient of a further increase, given the urgency of the investment fund that has not been in 30 years, “said Aresep.

It is a stepwise adjustment, ie as higher consumption, the greater the increase established. This with the idea of promoting the rational use of the liquid.

Water and Sewer has 500,000 subscribers.

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