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Legends of Luck

Legends of Luck

Luck is described as a stroke of chance, good or bad, that predetermines your destiny. This can mean anything from something small such as a change encounter with a person, or something large, such as winning the lottery. All instances of luck are considered divine. Tweet

Legends of Fire

Fire is an ever changing force. It burns for a short while, consuming everything that it can and creates a spiritual smoke. It feeds on wood, energy, air, wax and so much more. What the fire leaves in its wake is an altered state from which it was in before. Fire is a powerful and

A History Of Incense

One thing that makes me completely joyful is burning incense like palo santo woods and sage. This incense is meant to clear a room of negative energies. They are a powerful tool, along with other herbs like them.  Tweet

A Divine History of Potatoes

If there is one thing that is very comforting to my soul, it is eating potatoes. I know many times where a nice bowl of potatoes would warm me up. I like sweet potatoes in the fall, mashed potatoes, potato soup, baked potatoes, french fries in summer and potato salad. I love potatoes in burritos,

Rivers of the Underworld

In Greek Mythology, there is told that five rivers exist which go into the underworld. These rivers are as follows; Acheron, Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Styx. These rivers are a part of Hades; who also is King there. The rivers guide us to where we are meant to be in the afterlife. Just like in

Legends of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very pleasing Earth growing plant. It has a delicious aroma and is popularly used in much of our cooking today. Cinnamon is said to be very good for the health of the heart.It is a reddish brown color and is usually ground up for eating. Cinnamon has its roots in our hearts

Legends of Stone

The legends of stone are immortal pieces of a long forgotten Earth, which remind us of the powerful past, of many civilizations of humans and Gods. The stories that we have collected from previous generations of culture and society, have made their way into modern philosophy and prophecy. We are one race, coming together, into

The Magic and Mystery of Tyrannosaurus Rex

The tyrannosaurus rex means “king of the tyrant lizards.” The spirit of the tyrannosaurus is known to be aggressive, beautiful and powerful. The dinosaur is considered to have the strongest bite of any ever known today. There are many species of this creature, yet all are ancient rulers of a distant time and land, which

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