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Author Archives: Deanna Jaxine Stinson

The Legends of the Afterlife

The Legends of the Afterlife

Time has left us memories of our ancestors. Those memories are expressed through art, stories and history. The most beautiful examples are of the tales of the afterlife. There is so much wonder at the world directly in front of us that most of us cannot see until our deaths. I have collected some breath

Spirituality in the New Age

It’s hard for me to follow the rules of the Bible. A lot of Christians take the words from the Bible, piece by piece and memorize each verse. It’s hard for me to live by these words when so many of them are against my well-being. Tweet

Phosphorescent Kingdom

Jewels fall from my hand and they tremble beneath the weight of the moon. They sparkle as the light hits them gracefully and a magical sense ignites something spiritual inside of me. I want to become what this artifact of the Earth does. I want to be beauty, movement and life melting into a sparkling

Legends of Spells

A spell is a serious of visualizations, words and magick performed to cause a shift in energy. The stars, universe, cosmos and more, are all enlaced into our spirituality. A spell is a metamorphous of intent and focus. Spells and enchantments have been recorded throughout folklore as powerful & mysterious tools of change, by the

Smudging & Other Rituals of Harmony

Stars fall down in a spiral motion, turning to stone like pillars in the ocean… Tides splash around me… sounds like a full moon melody and I heard songs like, words of eternity…return to me. GOD, is like a white mage, he bathes my soul in prisms of smoke and sage. Tweet

Legends of Hearts

The Legends of Hearts beat out like drums keeping time in a rhythm of a song wrote by destiny. Rivers flowing like teardrops empty out with the season. The sunlight kisses me as I sleep, like warm honey on my mind’s eye and my soul exists inside. Deep within, I am feeling the melody begin

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