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Will Austin Mahone Pop the Question to Katya Elise in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Entertainment – Celebrities come to Costa Rica on a regular basis, but this Costa Rica vacation might be for a special reason.

The young couple to get engaged in Costa Rica? “Mmm Yeah” singer Austin Mahone has never been shy in admitting how smitten he is with his fitness model girlfriend Katya Elise. Mahone has revealed that he loves her and can see himself marrying the fitness model someday.

pretty-little-liars-season-7 austin mahone katya elise

Austin Mahone & Katya Elise clearly love traveling together. In an interview with E! Online, Austin expresses his amazement with Katya Elise’s love for adventure. Mahone says, “I like how adventurous she is because whenever I want to take a trip, she is down to go anywhere in like a drop of a hat!” The young couple has traveled together to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Tampa, and had date nights at the Walt Disney resort in the past.

Costa Rica Engagement?

Austin Mahone & Katya Elise are planning to go to Costa Rica together someday. With Mahone’s recent talk about his and Katya’s future kids, a marriage proposal might just be on its way. Will this trip involve an engagement ring? Rumors have it that the couple might get engaged while on their Costa Rica trip.

According to E! Online, Austin Mahone couldn’t help but say yes” when asked if he sees himself marrying Katya Elise in the future. But he did clarify that he is taking things slow with Katya. The “Dirty Work” singer says, “I am taking it really slow. She’s a cool chick. I like her a lot. I mean, I love her!”

This is not the first time that Austin Mahone & Katya Elise are rumored to be engaged or were secretly married. The couple’s previous photo posts on their social media accounts showed Katya wearing a “shiny silver band” on her finger. Neither Austin nor Katya confirmed these previous engagement rumors maybe because the proposal is just about to happen.

Will Austin Mahone propose to Katya Elise in Costa Rica? Stay tuned to find out!

From Edited by Dan Stevens

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