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Why Are the Best Pay Per Head Sportsbook Sites in Costa Rica?

Betting on sports is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone and with the exception of the brick and mortar casino and sportsbooks in the state of Nevada, it is vastly considered an illegal activity in the other 49 states. This is the main reason why wagering on sports online has become the primary way for bettors to place their action with a bookmaker.

permier pay per head sportsbook 1Along with the growth in big online sportsbooks has been the growth of the independent sports bookmaker. They can offer the one-on-one personal attention sophisticated sports bettors are looking for today as opposed to dealing with the faceless books that try and dominate the landscape of this industry. To help these independent agents compete, the Pay Per Head industry has filled the day-to-day administrative role of processing all the online transactions that go into booking sports bets.

Betting on sports in Costa Rico has always been a thriving industry given the favorable business and legal climate for both brick and mortar casinos with sportsbooks as well as for Pay Per Head providers that have decided to base their business operations in this country. This has been the situation in Costa Rica for years and it continues to remain one of the best places in the world for betting on sports.

Cost is always a factor when it comes to doing business and the low cost of operating a Pay Per Head service in Costa Rica enables these companies to be extremely competitive in the already low weekly per head fees they charge to help handle the administrative end of an independent sports bookmaker’s business.

Free Pay Per Head Trial – Premier Per Head

A perfect example of this is Premier Per Head and the casino review website. Based in Costa Rica for the past 15 years, this Pay Per Head provider has risen to the top of the ranks as the No. 1 Pay Per Head site in the sports betting industry today. They have become industry experts in providing the proper Pay Per Head sportsbook management solutions for independent sports bookmakers both in this country as well as the United States and other parts of the world where the local business climate may not be conducive to operating a sports betting business.

Premier Per Head has flourished in Costa Rica and they continually make the necessary business system upgrades in both technology and sports betting software to keep their bookmaking agents well ahead of the curve in an extremely competitive business environment.

Free Pay Per Head Trial – Premier Per Head

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