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Who is Ready to Smoke Marijuana in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – For all of those that want to smoke weed in the land of Pura Vida… probably already are.  The only thing that happens when a cop catches you is he takes it and either sells it or smokes it. Well at least that is what I think.  

marijuana costa rica 1If you have 10 pounds in your trunk it is a different story……maybe. I have glaucoma probably does not work as an excuse in these cases.

But the topic today is medical marijuana.

The Libertarian Movement’s deputy, José Alberto Alfaro, made a statement regarding his desire to concentrate on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, as it is already permitted for recreational use in Costa Rica.

The Congress is reviewing an initiative which proposed that the state regulate the industrialization of hemp compounds which contain cannabinoids intended to be used for medicinal purposes, as they are in other countries.

With the inclusion of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in the discussion, the plan has gotten the necessary votes to be passed to the legislative plenary by May 1st.

Many lawmakers agree that Costa Ricans should reap the benefits of the plant, as is done in 23 of the 50 states in the United States.

They are promoting using the fruit that is extracted from the tree, not marijuana.

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