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What Are They Teaching in the Costa Rica Public Schools?

Costa Rica News – I am one to think that extracurricular activities are as important as classes you take in school.  They have so many benefits.  They promote team building, building self esteem and even learning how to face losing & disappointment with grace.  

costa rica public school extracurricular activities 2Many children going through the public school system in Costa Rica never get the chance to experience these things.

Of 3,762 public elementary schools in Costa Rica, only 113 offer all six “luxury” subjects. These are music, religion, arts, industrial arts, home education and sports. Only 3% of the schools offer art, music, sports and religion.

This shows a great lack of a comprehensive curriculum. The most limited schools are those in rural, indigenous and coastal areas, according to the director of quality management of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP).

Teachers and principals are working on a reform to meet the cultural and educational needs of indigenous regions.

The lack of space in the schools and fields near them affect many of the 27 regions. Sports require the most space, so classes in music and religion are offered much more often, in over 50% of the schools. Arts are offered in less than 20%.

Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora created a program to promote Costa Rican art in the classroom that is hopefully going to start in 2015. She says that through art, music and sports a link is created between the student and the school.

80% of those in urban schools have sports and arts. North San Jose is an exception. Lack of these “special subjects,” which are actually integral to child formation, leads to demotivation and drop outs. In contrast, those connected to the school in a creative way are more likely to stay in school.


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