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What Are the Jobs for Expats in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – So you are thinking of moving to Costa Rica.  You do not have a million dollars in the bank and must find a job when you arrive in Costa Rica.  

costa rica jobsWhen expats arrive in Costa Rica one of the first questions they ask is “How can I find work?” Not all jobs are available to foreigners. There are 7 main industries you can work for. Many require work permits but some will be more lenient in hiring you and helping you get a permit.

Costa Rica doesn’t have any license or requirements needed to become a real estate broker so it’s easy to become one. Find a good property lawyer, get a car and some listings, and you are good to go! Some people have failed at finding clientele but if you are good at marketing your services you shouldn’t have this problem. There is a lot of competition in this industry and closes take a while so you will need to have funds to live or for a while.

Many expats open bars or restaurants or specialty shops of some sort. You should be aware that this option requires certifications and for you to pay taxes. Opening a business is never easy but can be rewarding. This is especially profitable if you are selling a unique product like Russian dolls or Greek food. Always do you market research before opening a business here.

Call Centers are everywhere in Costa Rica. English is usually the only requirement and you can find work for US companies such as HP or Amazon. Tasks include sales, customer service, tech support, or marketing. Sportsbooks (gambling companies) are like call centers but tend to pay better because they  value the understanding you will have related to US culture. US based firms usually require a work permit, sportsbooks on the other hand you can usually avoid this requirement.

There are many companies hiring teachers with a TEFL certification to teach English to professionals. You could also advertise tutoring services online or with flyers. Teaching English to kids is also an option if you are willing to teach other subjects as well.

Once you know your way around you can become a “pirata” taxi driver. You can just wait at bus stations asking people if they need a ride home or you can advertise to drive people to tourist destinations.

Lastly, you can become a freelance writer selling your work to various clients who you can find in classifieds.

Whatever you decide to do remember to enjoy it as a means to an end-the end being the great quality of life you will have in Costa Rica!

By Kerry La

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