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Walmart Worker Fired for Saving Puppy

Wow, just wow.  The big ugly Walmart chain is showing it true colors everywhere.  Supposed criminal acts in Mexico and now this.  I guess we see their true colors and what kind of people they are hiring.

walmart fired for saving puppy 1A good-hearted Walmart worker’s world turned upside down yesterday afternoon when a starving puppy wandered into Walmart Supercenter Store #1817.

The puppy, reported to be very ‘obviously scared and hungry and cold,’ sought refuge in the Walmart facility, part of a 446.95 billion dollar chain.

Reportedly the manager “Ken” “told her she needed to put the puppy back outside.” When the woman attempted to call a rescue group to pick the dog up, the manager “told her she was ‘disgusting’ for holding the puppy in a check stand.”

According to source, “he told her she was to ‘get out.’”

American Pit Bull Examiner called the store to verify facts. ‘Ken’ was unavailable, but the assistant store manager claimed the information being posted on the internet regarding the incident was untrue. When offered the opportunity to rebut, the assistant manager stated he ‘ didn’t have to give out personal information about employees.’

APBE reassured the assistant manager that no personal information was being sought, but simply asking if the employee had been reinstated on the schedule. The response was negative leaving the impression that the Walmart worker has indeed been fired for saving the puppy.

Reasonably, no one is insisting Walmart become a defacto adoption shelter, but for a corporation which

Walmart’s online and in-store pet sales “controls about 25% of the pet products market, making it the No. 1 seller of pet products,” shouldn’t one little puppy be allowed a few minutes temporary protection until rescue arrives?

The creator of infamous Ol’ Roy brand ‘named after one of founder Sam Walton’s hunting dogs,’ has left a real bad taste in this dog lover’s mouth. Luckily, the puppy was indeed picked up by rescue, but the Good Samaritan who kept him safe is allegedly out of a job.

In today’s economy and huge unwanted pet population, this sort of good deed should be rewarded rather than punished.


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