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Video Shows Everything That is Wrong with Society

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destruction of world 1Although many who visit our website have probably already seen this, it’s definitely worth sharing as it is a major eye opener.

The video was made by Spencer Cathcart, it’s a short film that questions our freedom, the education system, corporations, money and more.

It’s a great eye opener that touches upon various topics. Its primary intention is not to paint a negative picture, but to instead encourage us to wake up, and question the current human experience. The time for change is here. Now is our window of opportunity to begin shifting the planet in a new direction. We’ve come a long way last 6-7  years, the world has definitely gone through some major changes and it’s very clear that more people are “waking up.”  I look forward to how much more progress we will make as we move through 2015 and beyond.

Much of the information in this video will resonate with many, but when it comes time to make the change in their own life, it’s hard. We’ve become so used to the system, so enslaved by it that there are still those who will fight to justify and defend it.

By ARJUN WALIA – From The Spirit Science

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