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Veritable Costa Rican Art Meet Mayra Guell

Costa Rica News – For a taste of fresh, authentic Costa Rican art meet San Jose’s vibrant Artist Mayra Guell. Mayra a graduate in Art History was born, has studied and has built her life in Costa Rica. Whilst Art has always been her passion for years she has also been owner of ‘Cinco Hormigas Rojas’ a successful hotel in Downtown San Jose and a frequent with many loyal customers loving her passionate outlook on nature which she had infused into her hotel.

This woman oozes life and positive energy, which is infectious upon the people she crosses and notably upon her art. Now having sold the hotel Mayra is focusing on being a full time Artist.

Entering Mayra’s gallery in downtown San Jose one could be fooled into thinking they were entering Narnia.

‘A mini jungle’ Mayra describes it, with an array of plants, flowers and animal statues, covering the walls. It is quickly notable that this Chica is ‘real’ Costa Rican and embeds the natural, green connotations that come with the ‘Pura Vida’ notion. The front door to her studio separates the busyness and concreteness of the city and couldn’t take you further away from San Jose.

Her latest collection named ‘Habitat de la Luz’ is a series of stunning Giclee paintings. Mayra’s love for her nature rich country and authentic national pride is obvious in the series. Bursting with light and emitting rich vibes Mayra uses every colour in the paintings and encourages the freedom of imagination, claiming people often find life and nature within her work that she had never intended on including.

The series of Giclees (a new and contemporary technique of printing where several layers of high quality ink are applied on art print paper) are 24 by 36 inches. Mayra sources her materials from France and is adamant that she uses only the finest fabric to insure the highest quality.

Throughout December Mayra is giving profits from her ‘Habitat de la Luz’ Collection to disadvantaged families. To help increase these profits she has slashed the normal price of $450 a piece, to a discounted price of $150.

Mayra’s work can be viewed online on her Facebook page ‘Mayra Guell’ and she can be contacted directly on 2255-3412.

By Judi Gebhard

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