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Venezuela Accuses Costa Rica of Arrogance

Costa Rica News – Venezuela accuses Costa Rica of arrogance since it received Luisa Ortega, who was removed from her position in the Government.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister accuses Costa Rica of allowing her into the country following orders from Donald Trump, saying that Costa Rica “kneels before Washington’s policies, assaulting Venezuelan democracy.”

The ex-Government official is here to seek protection and help. She is meeting with the Attorney General. In the Public Ministry and the Inter-American Court of human rights, she will file a complaint for threats to her life.

She stated she can not return to her country because she would be a victim of imprisonment, torture and disappearance. She has evidence of serious corruption by other Government officials.

The Costa Rican Foreign Minister expressed surprise at the statements made by Venezuela. He reassures that the country wants peace in Latin America and defends democracy.

He stated that Costa Rica will always lend a hand to the Venezuelan people and help the reestablishment of democracy in that and any country that wants to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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