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UFO Investigation – Lights in the Sky

Ghosts & The Supernatural – Malik has an unusual story to tell. Malik says that he has seen USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) take off from under the bay into the air. He has seen them morph, where they come together and separate into other UFOs. When USOs take off into the air they become UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

Some of the shapes he has seen are triangle shapes, disc shapes and globe shapes. The objects change to various colors and travel in erratically routes at incredible speeds. Malik and Alexis who have both seen these UFOs do not believe they are helicopters or conventional aircraft. There is a buzz throughout the Monterey Bay that the UFO activity has increased.

We have a large open window facing the bay to observe any UFO activity. Chantal and Jennifer will be utilized to try and communicate with the UFOs by telepathy and concentrating on drawings of a ‘gray’ and a drawing of a UFO.

Equipment being utilized this evening are: telescopes, binoculars, laser pin lights, high powered flashlights, 35 mm telescopic camera, GPS, walkie talkies, digital cameras, video cameras.

Laser pin lights and high powered flashlights will be utilized to signal UFOs and attempt to get an intelligent signal back.

This evening we will take shifts observing out the large open window facing the bay. The UFO activity has almost been happening on a nightly basis, so hopefully we will be successful tonight. The investigative shifts are one hour each.

After 8 hours of observation, no UFOs were observed. We did observe conventional aircraft, satellites and falling stars. UFO hunting is truly a crapshoot, sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. For all I know the UFOs may have came out after we were all on the road heading home.

Since I announced the fact that I will be investigating UFO activity at Monterey Bay, I received an email from Steve Hanker of Monterey, he reports:

“Paul, I hear on Facebook that your team is headed out to Seaside to investigate the UFO buzz that has been going on. I have also observed these UFOs. I have seen a UFO go into the ocean and just a few minutes later, the same UFO comes out of the water, hovers and a small water twister formed underneath the UFO. The UFO simply dematerialized in front of my eyes. I have heard that a UFO base is in Monterey Bay and that this UFO base has been around before the white man settled in California. Are you aware of this?

Another time my wife and I were looking out the window and about 8 UFOs came together facing each other, I almost felt like they were either observing or in some kind of aerial meeting. Note: Alexis also made a comment that she thought the UFOs were in a meeting, when she observed them. The UFOs stayed in that position for a good 10 minutes, not moving. They were disc shaped and seemed to glow an eerie green. Out in the distance, I could see with my binoculars a cigar shaped UFO. After their meeting, they zipped away and the cigar shaped UFO vanished. It was so quick, I was unable to tell if the smaller disc shaped UFOs went toward the cigar shaped mother ship.

Another night, I was watching a movie in the wee morning hours and I could hear a distinct buzzing noise. If I was busy talking with my wife, I would not have heard it, but since it was so quiet, I could hear the buzzing noise, it lasted for a good 30 minutes and the buzz sound was out in my balcony, in my house, in front of my house, it was everywhere. Does this buzzing sound have anything to do with UFOs?

I really feel it is necessary to have some serious minded investigators looking into this matter. I want to know who they are, why they are here. Are we in any kind of danger, what does it all mean? Will we ever get the answers we need or will the UFO phenomenon always be a mystery. I am truly concerned on your findings and wish you the best of luck. God bless. Steve.”

Well, Steve I was unable to discover anything on my night of the investigation, but I truly believe in Malik’s story. The UFO phenomenon at Monterey Bay has been going on for a long time and I believe it will continue. When Malik told me this story, I knew I had to investigate this activity, if I were to simply ignore it, what kind of investigator would I be? That night we were unsuccessful, but next time…who knows. The quest continues!

Paul Dale Roberts

Halo Paranormal Investigations – HPI International.!/groups/HPIinternational/

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