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Trees to Produce Electricity in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Trees may become a new source of electricity.

The use of forest residues and tree crops could serve as raw material for obtaining gas that would serve as fuel for energy generation.

ICE, along with educational institutions and private companies are collaborating to promote the initiative. These resources are all over, such as debris from forest productions and branches pruned from farms.

When you cut a tree for wood, 40% of it is usually lost. Apart from using debris, ICE plans on planting specific trees to serve as dry biomass.

They reproduce and can be cut again every year, so planting even more trees would be unnecessary.

This possible source is one of a cleaner, more energy-saving power generation and one that does not generate pressure on wilderness or agriculture. It is still in the research stage but a lot of potential is displayed. A similar process is used in Europe and North Africa.

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