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Travelodge Hookers – In England Foreign Prostitutes Ply their Trade from Budget Hotel

Hookers from the continent have set up shop in the Travelodge Hotel in Feltham, West London. They advertise their services on an adult website and direct clients to a parking lot outside the hotel where they receive instructions to an elevator away from normal hotel guests.

As many girls from other Latin American countries come to Costa Rica to take advantage of its tourists and lax prostitution laws many girls from the European continent, many from Eastern countries, travel to London for the same reason. The girls work cheaply, in this case a full service costs about $100.

A team from the Sun Newspaper in London went on an undercover mission to the hotel to attempt to purchase services from the girls literally right under the noses of the normal tourist trade. When the reporters got to the room of one lady there was a bit of a language barrier and the ‘pimp’ had to be called to finalize the negotiations. “She will give you good service.” said the voice on the phone. The reporter was then offered sex with or without a condom.

Two of the ladies identified their origins; one from Palermo, Italy and the other being from Hungary. One young woman seemed pretty eager to get down to business as she ‘clawed’ at one of the reporter’s shirt buttons. One hooker described herself in her advertisement as being bi-curious with 40FF breasts, which was apparently not a lie. Another one immediately stripped down to her undies and poured a drink for her customer. Outcall was also available.

None of the reporters took up the offers of sex, but at least one of them paid up front and didn’t get his money back.

The hotel in question responded, “When this matter was brought to our attention we immediately contacted the police and increased security at the hotel. We will take legal action against this company and their employees will be barred from using any of our hotels.”

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