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Top Surf Spots in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – One of the most popular extreme sports in Costa Rica is surfing.  Costa Rican surf has been featured in movies and TV shows aired world-wide. Every real surfer has been to or plans to come to Costa Rica. The question is, where is the best surf found? Costa Rica is a large country with two oceans and a few peninsulas, offering different types of beaches.

pavones costa rica surfOne of the top 5 spots is “La Cantina” at Playa Pavones.  The waves are known to be so long that it’s recommended that you walk back to start paddling again without going against the current. After a 3 minute ride have a drink at “La Cantina” before your 1 kilometer walk back to try again!

Playa Hermosa means Beautiful Beach and it certainly lives up to the name. Surf contests are held here each year and it’s one of the only beaches in the world to have lights to surf at night. When you arrive ask where “The Corner” is because it’s home to the most reliable surfing in the whole country.

There are 3 other notable surf spots. If you enjoy combining lively nightlife with surfing in crystal clear waters, Santa Teresa may be your favorite spot. Park your car and watch the best surfers show off in the “A” shaped wave of “La Lora Amarilla.” Only half an hour from Tamarindo is Playa Avellanas, home to “El Estero,” a big hollow wave known for great speed. The hazelnut shaped waves found here are good for new surfers to look pro. The last one I’ll mention is near Nosara. It’s called “Guiones North.” If you are looking for high waves you won’t want to miss this wave, known to reach 15 feet!

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