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The Future of Costa Rica’s INBioparque in Jeopardy

Costa Rica News – The current government has inherited INBioparque without any money to maintain the park or the natural collections within it. Minae and the National Museum estimate a need of ¢8.785 million (About $16 Million) to preserve the 3.5 million plant and insect species found there.

INBioparque costa rica 1The decision to transfer ownership of the park was to avoid bankruptcy of INBio, however, the National Bank now faces bankruptcy. It was Chinchilla’s administration that took on the responsibility in order to save the collections.

They planned to relocate the Sinac offices to INBioparque, but there is no money for the new facilities, furniture or operating costs. Another wonderful government “good idea but no idea how to get there” move.  Yes, there are logistics involved with decisions it is not just sign a bill and the fairy godmother comes to wave her magic wand.

The general director of the National Museum says that a high level of negotiations and a special budget are needed to make this work. In March 2015, the park will officially pass to the State, so there’s not much time to work it out.

Over the last 24 years, ¢20,900 million (About $38.5 Million) was received via donations from foreign countries to preserve this natural heritage. The question is was it actually used for this?

The government must decide whether to keep the park as it is, turn it into a center for environmental education or give it in a concession to some third party to better its condition.

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