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Starbucks Opening Today

San Jose, Costa Rica –  The Starbucks finally opens its doors today in Avenida Escazú, after months of anticipation .

The opening of the 220 square meters premesis, will be at 8 am

This shop, the seventh in Central America, will generate 25 direct jobs, said Pablo Arizmendi-Kalb, manager of Starbucks Latin America.

The employer explained that the company has an expansion plan in the country and will begin to install the first new stores in the greater metropolitan area and later in coastal tourist areas.

Starbucks has had a presence in El Salvador and Guatemala since the past summer. The company’s plan is to expand throughout the region, where also a buyer of fine coffees.Local search in Costa Rica from 50 to 300 square meters.

Arizmendi-Kalb said competition advantage against other businesses will be: a pleasant atmosphere, quality products and people trained under international standards.

Café Bellavista from Costa Rica and products from other countries will be on the menu.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Well many places are selling coffee at $2 to $4 depending. And this is at Mc Donald’s and Tostadors just a few. I always wondered why coffee here so expensive?? I buy at Volio in the mercado a half kilo beans for 2250 colones. I haven’t exactly figured out how many cups I make a pot a day for 10 days I figure 25 cents a cup you can argue 50 cents or 250 colons then again why 3 bucks?? Star bucks will be a hit in that area with those making big money and our diputados a status I guess.

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