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Same Sex Couples Take a Step Forward in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There’s been a new advance for same-sex couples in Costa Rica.

same sex laws costa rica gay rights 1The Ministry of Labor has extended survivor’s pension to them. This applies to all pension plans under the National Budget, including the Ministry of Finance, the National Register,

Incofer and MOPT. It does not apply to teachers, who are under a separate budget.

Chief of Labor, Carlos Alvarado, reported in a press release this extension in Pension benefits. The Board of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund will publish the related rules.

Law 7302 regulates pension schemes under the national budget. Alvarado is pleased to be part of the breakthrough in recognition of rights for the sexually diverse population. Now same-sex couples will enjoy the peace of equal benefits in the painful situation of the death of a partner.

Internal legal analysis is being done on exactly how to proceed.

The economic impact will not be detrimental to the CCSS. Anyway all pay the same rates for insurance and should be entitled the same rights.

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