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Rumor Mill; Hotel Del Rey Setting Up In Jaco?

Costa Rica News – For all you sex tourists out there planning on coming to Costa Rica there is a rumor flying around that the famous Hotel Del Rey based in San Jose will now be setting up a sister hotel in Jaco.

hotel del rey jaco 1It seems the prostitutes in Costa Rica will have more places to do business than the “family friendly” (my ass) Hotel Cocal and the recently shut down Beetle Bar.

While Jaco has been able to become much safer and much more family friendly during the day, the scene at night remains a sex tourists dream.  There are opportunities for both the 1 to 2 hour fling or if you are looking to spend a week with a girl and have “the girlfriend experience” that is available as well.

The word on the ground is that The Hotel Del Rey will be either purchasing or building a hotel in or around Jaco.  This will give the sex tourist the ability to fly into San Jose and spend a night or two experiencing that scene and then grab a couple of girls and head to the beach.

With the new highway Jaco is only a little over an hour from San Jose and what better way to make that trip as a single or unhappily married guy than with a few beautiful Costa Rican woman.  You can probably get them to change into their bikinis on the ride over.

You can enjoy a little surfing or head out on a few tours with a gorgeous woman and then at the end of your stay, say goodbye and go home with a total Costa Rica experience; the beach, the tours, and a beautiful woman.

This is just a rumor but it seems that it is spreading quickly.

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