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Rare Albino Blue Marlin Hooked off Costa Rica Coastline

Costa Rica Fishing – Capt. Juan Carlos Zamora with Carlos Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Salinas Hernandez on the Spanish Fly out of Los Suenos Marina captured these images of an extremely rare albino Blue Marlin.

albino blue marlin costa ricaThese are some of the best shots we have seen, with numerous jumps as well some shots close to the boat.

All of the pics can be found here on the Billfish Report.

While the fish’s skin does have the white/pink tint common of albinism, its dark eyes could indicate its rare coloration is the result of a leucistic condition. The eyes of albino fish and animals are almost always reddish/pink in color, though some do exhibit a light blue hue.

Leucistic fish and animals, which experience reductions in all skin pigment not just melanin as with albinism, usually have normal to light blue eye coloration. In any case, it’s a beautiful fish and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who saw it. While it doesn’t say anything about the crew releasing the fish, it does appear to be a juvenile or young adult that commonly would be turned loose.

Written by By Jeff Dute,

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