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Proactive Vehicle Review in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – It’s obviously always better to be safe rather than risk an accident. For this reason, 60 drivers waited to have their cars checked in a workshop that was installed in the Quick Pass lane towards Caldera.

This initiative of Globalvia Ruta 27, highway concessionaire, was also supported by IQ Radio, Castrol, Super Baterias, Vargas Matamoros Group, Super Servicio, the National Concessions Council and Camposanto La Piedad.

Under a blazing sun the drivers attended the call for a free vehicle review during the morning and afternoon this Saturday. Oil levels, tires, batteries, electrical systems and gas were checked.

The common problems were smooth tires and low oil. One car was found to have a nail in the tire.

The activity is meant to create awareness in drivers to generate a culture of vehicular maintenance.

Vehicles should be brought for maintenance at least once every six months.

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