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Pianist Lang Lang will Join Costa Ricans for an Online Concert

The Costa Rican concert pianists Pablo Esquivel and Cynthia Soto, will join the famed Chinese pianist Lang Lang, on a web broadcast tomorrow to display their talents around the world.  It will be a way to showcase the talents of a couple of native Costa Rican musicians.

This concert will be held in Berlin, at 8:15 pm (at 12: 15 pm Costa Rica time) and can be seen on the site

These young Tico pianists, 12 and 11 years respectively, are the winners of a contest organized by Telefónica (Movistar), in countries where it operates.

The children were chosen directly by the pianist who many call the best in the world, after an online voting process and a shortlist made by the jury tico. The judges were Marvin Araya, Luis Diego Herra and Manuel Obregon.

Esquivel currently resides in New York with his family, where he studied at Juilliard School of Music. Cynthia Soto is a regular student of the intensive program at the National University and Institute of Arts. Both have international experience, as they have given concerts in countries like France and Lithuania.

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