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Over $150 Million Invested in Hotels & Tourism in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News  – Witht his kind of investment in Costa Rica, expect tourism to continue to increase in the future.

secrets-papagayo-resortCosta Rica’s tourism outlook is on the rise. With a continued growth expected in the country, investors are taking notice of opportunities.

This year, $151.7 million have been invested in opening, remodeling and relaunching hotels and hotel brands in the country.

These investments include 16 initiatives, most of which are outside of the San Jose area. The Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels mentioned new constructions such as the Hilton Garden Inn, Croc’s Casino, and Altagracia Boutique.

Other improvements include reopening or remodeling hotels that had closed for one reason or another or have switched owners.

The Secrets Papagayo will open on November 20th.

There are already 46,000 rooms for visitors throughout Costa Rica. Still, there is a lot more potential for quality hotels in certain areas, such as in the Caribbean and the southern region of the country.

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