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Óscar Arias Looking Good in the Costa Rica Polls

Costa Rica News – Public surveys indicate that with Óscar Arias the Liberación political party will be successful.

Óscar Arias costa rica 1He is a candidate that is thought to secure a win. Arias expressed his desire to run on the radio program Matices.

Arias was president of Costa Rica twice, from 1986-1990 and again from 2006-2010. He says that he feels honored to have led the country twice and that three might be gluttony.

He, at age 76, is reflecting on the possibility of taking on the position again at age 78, in 2018. The current chairman of the Liberación party and former president José María Figueres might run against him.

Arias is against the idea of multiple political parties which has marked the Legislature since 2002 and even moreso now.

The democratic system in Costa Rica allows nine political parties to be represented. This creates an “ungovernable” Costa Rica, according to Arias.

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