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No More Lake in Costa Rica’s Poas Volcano’s Crater

Costa Rica News – The lake of the Poas volcano has completely disappeared due to the intense activity that the colossus has maintained since April.

There’s just a little water in the northern sector and the rest is gone because of the heat produced by the magmatic body.

Another change is that at the central part of the crater there are fumaroles that used to be on the bottom, making the degassing even more remarkable.

This Friday the cameras became active at 1 pm and showed that there was an eruption. It lasted until 7 pm with the emission of ash, water vapor and white gases. The ash column reached 1,000 meters high.

It was expected that the volcanic material would be moved westward, falling in the Central Valley and highlands of Guanacaste.

The park has been closed since April 13th. On the 14th, there was an expulsion of rocks over three kilometers high. This was the most important eruption in the last 64 years of this volcano’s history.

About a week later, there was an eruption lasting 35 hours.

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