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Nicaraguans Crossing the CR Border in Masses

Costa Rica News – The federal government of Costa Rica is stating that a much larger than envisioned turnout of Nicaraguans seeking visas to come back to Costa Rica for work right after spending the Christmas vacations together with family.

costa rica embassey nicaraguansIn excess of 5,300 Nicaraguans have come to the Costa Rican embassies in Managua and also Chinandega in search of visas over the past 2 days, based on a report by Costa Rican Ambassador Javier Sancho.

The Costa Rican administration has found it has recently stamped 23,080 entry visas from Dec. 11th, based on a foreign ministry press release.

The majority of the visas were granted to Nicaraguan emigrants going back to Costa Rica following the holidays, the Costa Rican government claims.

Ambassador Sancho said the Costa Rican embassies were ready for the annual New Year’s increase in visa demands, however that this particular year’s exodus exceeded their expectations.

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