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New Costa Rica Department of Water & Seas: More Smoke and Mirrors

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican government has newly established a entity called the Ministry of Waters & Seas.  Anyone else not buying this or am I the only one that seas through the smoke and mirrors that are being thrown in front of the eyes of not only the Costa Rican population, but the real reason for the implementation of this department groups who are for Costa Rica environmental protection with lots of money, more specifically Sir Richard Branson.  

It is no coincidence that the inauguration of this ministry is coming right on the heals of a visit by Sir Richard Branson. He as well as the rest of the world are tired of Costa Rica presenting a “green” image and then allowing things like shark finning to go on in their coastal waters.  It is becoming more and more obvious to outsiders that the Costa Rican government is trying to market a “green” image to people that are travelling to Costa Rica, and then not doing what is necessary to live up to this image.  More and more people are turning to other destinations and tourism in Costa Rica is declining instead of its normal growth, because people are now seeing through the lies in the Costa Rica controlled media.

Lets run through the reasons why this ministry is most likely a farce.

1. There are other ministries already controlling the water and sanitation polices. The responsibility for water and sanitation policy is shared by the Ministry of Health (MINSALUD) and the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET). Other Ministries also have a role in the sector, sometimes with overlapping functions and responsibilities. This just adds another group into the mix, which will have the same responsibilities as the other groups.

2. Another duty of newly appointed vice-minister in this ministry, José Lino Chaves, will be to ally with the Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture (Incopesca) to prevent over-fishing in the seas, and to aly with municipalities to ensure environmental protection by giving concessions in the maritime zone. So they need someone to tell them how to do a job they are already supposed to be doing?

3.  There is already a ministry that should be overseeing environemental protection, is is called the Ministry of the Environment and Energy which is in charge of implementing and enforcing Costa Rican laws and regulations related to environmental policy. Guess what this includes the seas.

It reminds me of an real estate office a friend of mine ran in Costa Rica.  He had 5 Costa Ricans working for him and a Costa Rican office manager.  In the office was a connected Vonage phone that rang about 4 to 5 times a day.  There was a new task that needed to be delegated of someone that could answer the phone and reply to voice mails. Instead of delegating this task to one of the current employees or doing it herself (this task would take about at most 45 minutes a day), they hired someone else to do this, increasing overhead and becoming less efficient.

In summary,  the people that are supposed to be doing this for the Costa Rican government are not doing their jobs so they decided instead of fixing the problem they hire someone else to not do the same thing. But the main reason they did this is to play both sides on the shark finning issue.  They can still take money from China and allow them to fish the waters as well as they can tell Sir Richard Branson that they implemented this ministry to tend to this problem and get money from him as well.

The goal to siphon as much money as they can into the pockets of Costa Rican government officials and to try to pretend like they are pushing for a “green” Costa Rica. Costa Rica will keep supplying shark fins to the Chinese, just fly over Puntarenas and look at the rook tops where they are drying. Do not believe the lies!

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