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New Casino Tax Passes First Vote

San Jose, Costa Rica – What are the odds that if this law passes that the funds will be misused by the government? I am guessing there is about a 99% chance that the tax funds will go into the pockets of the corrupt government if this passes. With the votes of 43 deputies, Congress passed the first of two debates the plan of tax law to the casinos, whose resources would be used to fund public safety programs.

In addition, deputies approved on second reading plans liquor law, computer crime, Lesco language, and the transfer of stewardship of the telecommunications sector to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The deputies left standing aside the discussion of the traffic law and opened a space for discussion of this bill.

The new tax plan aims to generate resources for public safety programs.
The project is discussed in the record proposes a tax equivalent to 10% of net profits rise to the casinos.
In addition, it provides for a tax equal to 60% of basic salary of the category of auxiliary 1 of the judiciary, ie a salary of  ¢360,000 for each table and the 10% of that salary range for each slot machine.
For call centers for gambling, the plan provides a tax variable, which depends on the number of employees of companies.

When the firm has up to 50 employees, the tax would be 57 minimum wages, (¢ 20.5 million), companies with 51 to 99 employees, pay wages equivalent to 85 base (¢ 30.6 million and signatures more than 100 workers would pay the base salaries totaling 113 (¢ 40.6 million).”It’s a little fulfilling to keep the promise of President Laura Chinchilla, who pushed this law,” said Deputy Alicia Fournier liberationist.

At the moment there is no estimate of the amount of resources that could be collected from this tax, however, stressed that the money will support safety.

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One Comment;

  1. chris luke said:

    I just wonder when the international community will step in and oust the total Costa Rican government. No wonder the populace is general is overly dishonest, Why Not, when the majority of the national and local governmental officials prove none the less as despised criminals. What baffles me is that the Ticos do nothing about this prejudice. Its a shame that this is going on in front of my face and I have to look the other way because its really none of my business being a foreigner and all. lol What a lost cause, Shame Shame

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