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New Carry-On Requirements at Juan Santamaria Airport in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Although it is a popular excuse in Costa Rica and around the world, saying “I didn’t know” does not give you any leeway at the airport.

costa rica flights 1Since April, there are new policies in Costa Rica’s airports. For most of us that travel a little bit these rules have been in place a while.

Because of this, many passengers are misinformed and this leads to being on line for hours as bags are revised at the Juan Santamaria Airport.

Especially between 10am and noon, the lines tend to be in and out of all the rows set up as well as tens of meters around the side of the airport. This is taking many passengers by surprise and causing frustration.

On Friday, five passengers missed a flight to El Salvador.

Since then, airport officials are calling out for any passengers on the most upcoming flights and moving them to the front of the line.

The change in policy is that the liquids condition applies to all passengers now, not just those traveling to the US. This means all liquids, aerosols and gels in carry-ons must be in small quantities (3.4 ounces) and in a 20×20 ziploc bag.

Additionally knives, lighters and batteries are not allowed on any flight.

At the moment it seems 7 of every 10 passengers is non-compliant in one way or another, causing a long delay for everyone.

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