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Mountain Biking the Roads of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Devoted long time cyclists know the adrenaline rush that comes from riding at amazing speeds through dirt trails and inspiring scenery. There are trails for novice and advanced bikers in Costa Rica to see the country through different eyes than regular tourists on the roads in buses.

mountain biking costa ricaMaybe you’d enjoy a one day tour to add to your existing itinerary. There are miles of trails to choose from. In Quepos, near Manuel Antonio, you will find protected jungle to explore. You may find cliff views or volcanoes.

There are two other notable spots for single day tours. Arenal has a trail which leads from the Arenal Dam to the Arenal Volcano National Park. If you are up for it, you can also continue to a quiet farm village called El Castillo and see many monkeys along the way. The other trail available in the Arenal area is on the north shore of the lake.  It’s an area with little traffic so you will feel the slow pace of remote rural life along with seeing stunning lake views.

Many tour companies also offer multi-day tours which include meals and lodging or camping. Some 1 night tours start in Arenal, stop in Tronadora to sleep in the village, and continue past many little rivers to Rio Cano Negro.

If you want a longer and more intense tour you can book one that lasts a little over a week and includes exploring many activities Costa Rica has to offer. You may do a lot of biking, in addition to rafting or kayaking. On this long trip you can ride a diverse array of terrain including dirt roads and hard packed beach sand.

By Kerry La


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