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Meet Caitlyn Jenner

Entertainment News – Bruce Jenner is no more.  At least that is what it seems.

Caitlyn Jenner Bruce Jennr Vanity Fair 1The former Bruce Jenner has gone public with her new name — Caitlyn — and a cover shoot for Vanity Fair.

“If I was lying on my deathbed and I had kept this secret and never ever did anything about it, I would be lying there saying, ‘You just blew your entire life,'” she said in an interview excerpt released by the magazine on Monday.

The photos, for the magazine’s July issue, were taken by Annie Leibovitz.

“Bruce always had to tell a lie,” Jenner said in a video released by the magazine. “He was always living a lie. Every day, he always had a secret. From morning till night. Caitlyn doesn’t have any secrets.”

“As soon as the Vanity Fair cover comes out, I’m free.”

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Jenner, 65, also debuted verified accounts on Twitter and Facebook. The Twitter account had more than 700,000 followers in less than three hours.

Jenner confirmed plans to transition to life as a woman in an ABC interview in April.


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