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Major Dental Procedures Performed in CR

Costa Rica Dental Tourism News – Costa Rica is famous for its pristine beaches, rich variety of flora and fauna, exotic scenery and most of all its beautiful women. It still is favored by travelers because of the afore mentioned reasons, but nowadays, it is more popular because of the medical and dental services it offers at very low costs.

full mouth restoration costa ricaWe will approach the top 5 dental procedures you can get in this awesome country namely dental implants, veneers, full mouth restoration, crowns & bridges and dentures.

Full Mouth Restoration, also known as full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation, is the process of rebuilding the teeth, bones and tissues located in both the upper and lower jaw. This procedure corrects problems with bite position, efficiently deals with the appearance of teeth and gums, and most importantly, tackles medical complications and solves the main source of the patient’s dental condition.

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth root that is manufactured from surgical-grade titanium alloy which is placed into the patient’s jaw to anchor a replacement tooth or bridge.  The two types of dental implants are endosteal and subperiosteal. Endosteal is used for patients with bridges and removable dentures, while subperiosteal is used for patients who cannot wear conventional dentures or those who have minimal bone height. Though this procedure is by far the most effective of all dental procedures, not everyone may have dental implants. Those who have medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and blood disorders need to check in with their doctors to determine if they can undergo the said procedure. Furthermore, this procedure requires a patient to have healthy gums and enough bones in the jaw.

Veneers commonly called porcelain veneers and dental porcelain laminates, are thin layers of porcelain or resin composite restorative materials placed on the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. This dental procedure is best used on patients with chipped, stained, worn and misaligned teeth. The great thing about having veneers is that they are highly resistant to staining and may last up to a decade. Getting dental veneers veneers costa ricarequires three trips to the dentist, with the first visit for initial consultation, the second and third for making and applying the veneers.

Crowns & Bridges are considered the most common dental restorative procedure in the field of dentistry. They are fixed dental prosthetic devices cemented on natural teeth or implants. A crown is a hallow cap made of porcelain or ceramic, gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic. Bridges on the other hand is a fixed partial denture used to replace missing tooth by permanently anchoring an artificial tooth to adjacent natural tooth. Bridges are used to prevent gaps left by missing tooth that may cause the remaining teeth to shift into the empty space which could result to bad bite or gum disease.

Dentures is a prosthetic dental device used to replace missing teeth. The artificial teeth are attached to a pink colored plastic base held together by a metal frame. There are two main types of denture: complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used on patients who have lost all their natural teeth, while partial dentures are used on patients who still have some of their natural teeth.

For price comparison of dental procedures when done in the US or Costa Rica, please refer to the table below:



Costa Rica

Full Mouth Restoration



Dental Implant (per tooth)



Veneers (per tooth)



Crowns & Bridges



Dentures (upper and lower)



Making the decision to travel abroad for your dental tourism procedures can be a long decisions making process, and there is a lot of information out there.  There is a reason that more and more people are looking to get their dental work accomplished on a dental vacation.

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There is a lot of information to digest when it comes to preparing for your dental vacation to Costa Rica.  Entry requirements to Costa Rica, how to find a dentist or dental clinic, what to expect for your specific procedure and so much more.  

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