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International Plectrum Music Festival Comes to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment News – From the neighborhoods to the islands – from this Sunday onward, all of Puntarenas will enjoy the International Plectrum Music Festival, which is being organised by the Puntarenas department of the University of Costa Rica.

Acoustic guitar music festival costa ricaInternational what Festival? Although to begin with, the Festival’s name isn’t that easy to figure out, it’s meaning is quite simple.

When you talk about ‘music with plectrum’, you’re talking about something which is played with plectrums or quills: the guitar, the mandolin and the lute.

According to the producers, the festival in which any group can take part, and playing any instruments which fit into the above category.

In its third year, the International Plectrum Music Festival is also welcoming the participation of the German guitar orchestra, Fascinatio Citharis, and the Argentinian group, El Cuarteto Guillo Espel.

Costa Rica’s talent will be shown through performances by the guitar orchestras from the National University, from the Academia Editus and from the Santa Rosa Ensemble for Early Stages of Music from the Pacific Department.

“The Festival will be offering a range of concerts across the Pacific coast, and it’s making an effort to bring groups to other influential areas. As such, they’ve staged concerts in Palmares, Pochote and on the ferry to Playa Naranjo. In these places, where the communities don’t normally have access to these types of musical performances, the University of Costa Rica is looking to use the project to provide inhabitants with cultural enrichment, and as a way of promoting reflection of different social issues”, said Mario Solera, a representative for the Festival.

Solera then went on to say that this year, the festival will come to the following communities: Jacó, the Central de Puntarenas canton, Isla de Chira, Esparza and Pochote.

As part of the activities on offer, the Argentinian group will be giving master classes in the Escuela de Artes Musicales and the Escuela de Música in the National University. The German orchestra will have a joint session with the music students from Pochote.

The artist assured that, as well as having the chance to go to all the concerts, they hope that visitors will reflect upon the music trends of their own province and about reviving their own traditions.

“We want people to think about the loss of cultural characteristics in the areas outside the Valle Central, given that, historically, contributions have come from the center of the country”, concluded Solera.

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Translated by Leah Hendre from La Nacion

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