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Ideas for the Kids in Costa Rica The Final Weekend of Holiday Break

Costa Rica Entertainment – Over this holiday break there are many places to enjoy outside the home.

parque-de-diversiones costa ricaTake the kids to the zoo, the national botanical gardens, the Children’s Museum or a nearby park or attraction.

The ideas are limitless and there are many deals to be found, for instance the Children’s Museum has a special price of just ¢2,000 for kids and ¢2,200 for adults. Kids can enjoy the whole day in the various rooms of the museum without burning a hole in the parents’ pockets.

The amusement park Parque de Diversiones is open even on holidays and has a special pass available for ¢7,800 in addition to discounts for groups of 15 or more. Reservations for groups can be made at 2242-9200.

Another idea is to visit the Aquatic Park Villas Fantasy in Orotina. It’s just 45 minutes from San Jose and is a great way to make the best of this beautiful weather. There are swimming pools and water rides for the whole family. Prices start at ¢7,000.

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