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ICE Turns Off the Lights During World Cup Qualifier

Costa Rica jumped out to a 2 goal lead against COCACAF rival El Salvador with a well controlled volley and a ball that deflected off a defender.

El Salvador got it’s first goal on aball that went past a goalie that looked like he was stuck on quicksand.

I guess ICE decided that was as close as they wanted El Salvador to get and the lights went off at the national stadium. This is one of those times you say “only in Costa Rica.”

El Salvador scored the only goal of the second half to save a point towards World Cup qualifying. Costa Rica kept up the pressure with scoring opportunity after scoring opportunity but they could not find the back of the net on any of their shots.

Costa Rica netted a goal with minutes left in the second half but it was called back because of a controversial offside call. This is not how the home team wanted to begin its quest to try to return to the World Cup.

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