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Haunted Tuolumne General Hospital

Ghosts & the Supernatural – Date to be there: June 13, 2015, Saturday / Time to be there: 1400 Hours (we were late and got there at 1600 Hours…well..hey, we had to get a quick bite at A&W). After we meet up with Krystal, then head over to HPI Paranormal Investigator / Sensitive Valerie Marie Ino’s place. Valerie rode in the Rusty Anomaly aka my Kia Forte and we followed Kris Hansen to Tuolumne General Hospital. The same place that Ghost Adventures investigated.

Disclaimer: If we made any mistakes in depicting the Ghost Adventures investigation, watch the show above and get the accurate account.

Kris Hansen’s Hand Written Paranormal Journal:

Tuolumne General Hospital (sometimes titled “Tuolumne Hospital”) is the third episode of Season 8 of Ghost Adventures. Zak, Nick and Aaron explore the abandoned Tuolumne Hospital in Sonora, CA, hoping to encounter spirits of the miners who passed through its doors during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Zak received a splitting headache and he blamed it on a deceased patient that had a head injury. Of course the crew captured some EVPs.

Here is a photo slide of Tuolumne General Hospital.

Video Tuolumne General Hospital:

While we investigated, this place is EVP city! The ghosts of this hospital are very talkative. We did some quick and dirty EVPs. What is a quick and dirty EVP? Easy. Say something simple like: “what is your name, who is here?” PAUSE – give the entity time to talk – then play back and sometimes you capture an embodied voice talking back at you! Why run a recorder all night long and then analyze the recordings the next day? I don’t have time for that. Get the evidence now!


When I asked if the entity was in a certain room, the entity says “here”, then he says “I’m here!” On a confidential level, the entity told me a secret on my recorder and I confirmed that the secret was TRUE!! I can’t tell you what that secret was. This tells me that there is definitely an afterlife, in which entities are watching us and they are intelligent enough to communicate to us and tell us things that are for our eyes only, but the entity knows! Wow!

Our paranormal guide was Kris Hansen! Thank you Kris. I was able to interview Kris. Enjoy the interview! READ ON!

Interview with Kris Bigger, Paranormal Investigator
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts & Deanna Jaxine Stinson

Question: Please tell us something personal about yourself. Your recreational activities, your hobbies, your schooling, your favorite TV shows, your favorite movies, your favorite books.

Deanna Describes Dark Energy in the Corridor:
Special Note: Deanna is a sensitive and she saw two shadowy apparitions moving about in the hospital. Valerie Marie-Ino is a sensitive also and confirms what Deanna picked up on.

Answer: My favorite TV shows are Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, My Haunted House, anything paranormal you better believe I will be watching. I love true life stories. The movies I like is Pursuit of Happiness, Sixth Sense, The Conjuring. For books, The Exorcist, all Stephen King books.

Question: Tell us about your first paranormal experience?tuolumne-general-hospital-ghosts-2

Answer: 11 years old, I moved into a farmhouse near the border of Wyoming. The experience was, I woke up from a nap and the room was dark. I was unlatching the door, there was a sound of a pig’s snort in my left ear. It was very loud, then I smelled a stench. I would describe it as a smell of death, smell of urine, smell of feces, all of that combined.

Question: You are thinking of forming a paranormal group in Tuolumne County, what will the group’s name be?

Answer: Tuolumne County Paranormal Society

Question: Tell us some of your most significant paranormal experiences.

Answer: In the house right now, I lived in for 21 years. Recently in the last year, I hear talking of people I know, my daughter, my daughter’s friends and discover that NO ONE is there. One time going to bed, there was a man and woman talking above me, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying, it was mumbled.

In the last 3 years, my youngest daughter and I, had seen a shadow figure. The shadow figure knocked on our door 3 times, it glided, it doesn’t walk. When it went by the window, it just glided by. I have 3 dogs and the dogs were not disturbed by the shadow figure.

Krystal Talks About Experiences

My oldest daughter has seen a man in her room and his head was going back and forth so fast, it was a blur.

When I first got the Ovilus 4, I couldn’t wait to use it. I placed it on my dining room table and it didn’t say anything for a long time. The Ovilus said ‘religious’. There are religious items on my wall. The phone rang, I had to go into the den and I heard the Ovilus say something. When I checked the Ovilus, the Ovilus said ‘phone’. I truly believe the Ovilus does work.

A Video by Deanna:

Question: We are right now inside the Tuolumne General Hospital, the same place where Ghost Adventures was at. How come you have access to this place? Thank you for bringing HPI here. What are your experiences at this hospital?

Answer: Access to the hospital is through the Innovation lab. My first paranormal experience at the lab, Tim my partner and I, had met for the second time. I had the Ovilus 4 with me. We went into a small room, turned on the TV for white noise. I leaned up against the wall, the lights were off. As soon as my back hit the wall, a voice shouted through the Ovilus…and it yelled….LADY! It was a man’s voice that screamed LADY through the Ovilus. The Ovilus said ‘brightness’ when I ran outside after hearing the Ovilus say LADY and outside it was bright daylight.

Watch the interview video of Kris as she tells you about other experiences here at the hospital and the function of an Ovilus:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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