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Green Costa Rica No Longer, Construction of Marina in Costa Rica’s Golfo Dulce

Costa Rica News – When it comes to Costa Rica in keeping its “green” image they seem to be making decisions that hurt this portrayal but yet are pushing for foreign nations to still see them in this light.  Golfito is a natural paradise seven hours from San Jose. It is a mangrove habitat where humpback whale pups are born and dolphins sharks and turtles seek haven.

The Golfo Dulce is the most powerful attraction of the South Pacific near Corcovado and Caño Island. However, the people of Puerto Jimenez are opposed of ways to exploit it.

The construction of a $ 40 million marina in the Gulf is in the the minds of the locals. Some defend the creation of jobs and development and others warn about the potential environmental risks of the work.

Crocodile Bay is he corporation has the government permits to build a marina for 257 boats, refueling points, nine posts in drydock and 80 residences with ocean views.

For the project it is necessary to fill 1.6 acres in the Gulf.

The project is led by American Cory Williams, chief operating Crocodile Bay Hotel, in operation since 1998 in Puerto Jimenez.

The investor is looking for partners to finance the Crocodile Navy, but ensures that construction will begin in July 2013 and will offer up to 400 direct jobs.

Oscar Villalobos defends the actions of the marine environment and argues that the current local boatmen wash their boats and all the soap and oils are discharged and swept to sea.

Across the street, the work scares some of the neighbors, environmental groups like Pretoma and Science Research Center and Limnology at the University of Costa Rica (Cimar).

The latter fear that a possible oil spill contaminating the gulf waters and impact the Puerto Jimenez wetland, mangrove and Platanares River Wildlife Refuge Platanares-Precious.

As for The Costa Rican Times for us this project does not make much sense when it comes to environmental protection and Costa Rica keeping its green image.  There is already a Marina in Los Suenos which is not that far away from Golfito.  Golfito is one of the last areas in Costa Rica not being damaged by the huge developments in regards to tourism is the southern zone in Costa Rica.  Soon Costa Rica will just be a Chinese controlled country where their green image will be a thing of the past.

So what is 400 jobs worth?


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  1. Jo Schmow said:

    CR doesn’t even have sewage plants and, if they ever get them, like everything else…..100% dysfunctional.OOPS. Power went off again !

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