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Gotta Hate When Cat Poo Stops Government in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Congress has all sorts of excuses for not accomplishing work in a timely fashion but the latest reason will make you laugh.

cat poop main costa rica 1The smell of cat feces was too strong to remain inside the room.

The Committee on Financial Affairs was working on a motion regarding the possibility of extending a tax for the Red Cross, debating 22 motions filed by Otto Guevara, of the Libertarian Movement.

The atmosphere with the foul odor caused a break of 20 minutes to be ordered during which the room would be disinfected.

Since last year there has been an uncontrolled cat population inside of the Assembly.

During the break, the Red Cross sounded sirens asking that the process be expedited and over coffee the parliamentarians decided to dismiss the motions. 21 of 22 motions ended up being rejected.

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