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Gorgeous Art Exhibit at CR National Gallery

Costa Rica Arts & Theater News – The National Gallery could be mistaken for the tower of Babel, because Polish, Spanish, and English words mixed at a special event called “Cud/Milgro,” terms which mean “miracle” in Polish and Spanish, respectively.

cud milagro costa rica artArt is what drew all of the event-goers together. They were all there for the same purpose, to appreciate the twelve pieces of art that weave friendship between Costa Rica and Poland.

The director of the show is also one of the artists. He explained that the title is meant to unite the two nations. There is a religious theme, regarding Pope John Paul II, but the term “miracle” can also stretch further, he explained. It can be represented in themes of life and nature, as well.

Katarzyna Zimna presented the innocence of a newborn. Max Rojas showed a beautiful sunset. Herbert Bolanos pointed out a celebration of cultural diversity through colors and textures, specifically handmade paper and dyed yarns.

Cali Rivera’s “Transmutation” brought together the world’s most widespread religions. In her mantle, there are symbols of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. She explained, “Rather than contrasting the different beliefs, I wanted to highlight the similarities.”

The show will move on to Poland, in April, to be seen at the Central Museum of Textiles. The exhibit is moving, because the artists forget their languages and speak through their art.


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