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Gas Prices in Costa Rica Already Going Up?

Costa Rica News – Recope is ridiculous.  Because they are unable to run a company efficiently they are passing on their costs to the Costa Rican public. For anyone that thought the gas prices were going to remain lower after the drop last week was smoking something.

gas prices going up costa rica recopeAfter the historic drop in gasoline prices last week, the Refinadora Costarricense de Petróleo (Recope) has submitted a request for an increase.

Yes, you read it right, an increase.

If approved by the regulating authority, the Aresep, next month (April) we will see an increase of between ¢13 and ¢22 colones for a liter of fuel.

If approved, the price of a liter of super gasoline would increase ¢18 colones, going from the current ¢445 to ¢463; regular would increase ¢22 colones, going from ¢424 to ¢446; and diesel would increase ¢13 colones, from the current ¢345 to ¢358.

The reason?

Recope economist, Luis Carlos Solera, told, the increase reflects the recent shot of up crude oil prices on international market and the dollar exchange rate. So after drops and more drops in crude oil over the past year when the gas prices did not decrease, but when there is a slight increase Recope sure takes advantage of that.

And say what, the exchange rate?

It has been steady for a really long time. Certainly no major changes in the past month.

Why don’t we just call it as it is, Recope and the people running it are a bunch of crooks.

From QCostaRica, Edited by Dan Stevens


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