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Former Costa Rican OIJ Agent Planning Robberies?

Costa Rica News – When you know how it takes for the police to show up and what the investigation methods are it makes it so you are less likely to be caught robbing a location. 

costa rica robberyA former Judicial Investigation Organization agent, named Alpízar, was arrested under suspicion for leading a group that robbed at least 11 businesses.

They found the man in his home in Ciudad Colón with TV screens, clothes and shoes in boxes, and a safe.

Six alleged accomplices were also arrested. The group is charged with aggravated robbery and theft. There will be a trial today in the Criminal Court of San Ramon, Alajuela.

The group was organized and acted between August 9th and December 22, 2014. They robbed shops, shoe stores and jewelry stores in San Ramon, Heredia, Grecia, San Jose, Ciudad Colon and Cartago.

It was found that before the crimes, the group sent representatives to perform intelligence work on the businesses while shopping, checking whether they had security cameras.

In the evenings and early mornings they cut the locks and broke in. They stole over ¢110 million in merchandise.


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