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Festival ‘94; Punk Rock in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – Festival ‘94 is about to celebrate decades of punk rock. 12 bands- 6 national and 6 from the United States- will perform for 10 hours of fun on January 29th in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The celebration is for punk rock lovers but will expand to include other genres such as hardcore, ska and hip-hop.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, Guttermorth, Pinhole Down, Kevin Seconds, Russ Rankin, Ave Negra, Overseas, Kalibre 38, Rey en Ruinas, Xpunkha and Solocarne will be there.

To purchase tickets, which are ¢15,750, go to This is the official app for the concert.

The concert will start at noon and go for at least 10 hours.

The festival expects 2,000 people.

The number 94 in the title is because that was the year when four important punk rock albums came out.

This is when the media started paying attention to the genre and mass events started being put on.

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