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Episcopal Conference Rejects Sex-Ed Programs

Costa Rica News – Well The Episcopal Church leaders met and decided the obvious, that Costa Ricans should continue let 20% of girls get pregnant before they turn 20. They believe that teaching these things in the home is most appropriate even though it has been proven over and over again it is failing in a culture that is afraid of confrontation. 

Bishops of Costa Rica spoke today and disagree with the Education Program for emotions and sexuality promoted by the Ministry of Public Education.

According to a statement from the Episcopal Conference, the program would be “seriously damaging” for teens.  This statement based on?

“Suffice to note that after stating that education is proposed that there (in Programs MEP) aims to be comprehensive, involving also the spiritual dimension, never said that may mean that dimension is not taken into account. God is never named, when the education of as high as affectivity and sexuality can not be considered “neutral”, ie unlinking of strictly religious dimension, as if it is math or geography, ‘”says pronouncement.

The bishops qualify the program as “hedonist” because the word repeatedly in the texts, they argue, it is “pleasure”.

The program promotes the MEP, and gradually be implemented in the next school year. Includes a 40-minute weekly lesson on self-esteem, identity formation, pleasure, cycles of violence and tolerance. The courses are run by science teachers and guidance counselors.

The Fourth Court has already ruled on this issue and decided that parents can decide whether or not their children attend classes on sexuality.

Parents are not going to let their kids attend and the teachers have not been properly prepared to teach the classes.  I do not agree with the Bishops remarks, but I also know with the class being optional as decided by parents and the lack of preparation it will fail and the church will say “I Told You So.”

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